Saturday, April 25, 2015

Vincent Reynouard: Two Years Prison, a Victory for Revisionism?

Still free pending appeal, V. Reynouard responds to his sentencing to two years in prison on 11/02/2015 and reflects on why revisionists' calls for public debate are met with repression.

Visit Vincent's website and send him some support!

And watch the video which "French justice" wants to send a man to prison for two years for (French only):

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Regarding the farcical prosecution of Oskar Groening, the "Accountant of Auschwitz"

Every month or so, a European government, usually Germany and almost always at the behest of international Jewry, arrests an old man for allegedly being "complicit in the Holocaust."

This has been going on for decades now, with the outrageous prosecution and vilification of John Demjanjuk perhaps being the most notorious example in recent years. These ridiculous witch hunts provide ample fodder for the Jewish owned and controlled mass media to further perpetuate and reinforce the entirely fraudulent Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, in addition to demonizing and slandering National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler as absolute monsters, representing the epitome of evil.

For the past few days, the mainstream mass media and Jewish press have been hysterically reporting on yet another farcical prosecution of an elderly German man who is alleged to be "complicit in the Holocaust." Oskar Groening, an ex-Auschwitz guard and former sergeant in the SS now ridiculously known as the "Accountant of Auschwitz," is currently standing trial in Lüneburg, Germany for his purported “complicity in the murder of 300,000 mostly Hungarian Jews in two months during the summer of 1944,” according to The New York Times.

“It is beyond question that I am morally complicit,” Mr. Groening is reported to have said to the judge in the courtroom. “This moral guilt I acknowledge here, before the victims, with regret and humility.”

The Times elaborated on the purported "atrocities" Mr. Groening's allegedly witnessed at Auschwitz:
…one night in December 1942 when he was roused from bed to help hunt down fleeing prisoners. In the process, he told the court, he saw prisoners herded into a farmhouse and an SS superior tip gas out of a can into an opening. The screams of the prisoners inside “grew louder and more desperate, and after a short time became quieter and then stopped completely,” Mr. Gröning said.

“That was the only time I saw a complete gassing,” he said, emphasizing that “I did not take part.” [...]

In November 1942, he recalled, a crying baby was found amid trash discarded by arriving prisoners. The baby’s mother had evidently abandoned it in hopes that she would then be chosen for a work crew and not sent to the gas chamber. A fellow SS member, angered by the cries, beat the infant to death, Mr. Gröning said, adding that he complained to a superior but that no action was taken.
This literally reads like it could have been written by Steven Spielberg or some other Jewish movie mogul controlling Hollywood, who endlessly pump out absurd, yet effective, major motion pictures designed to instill, reinforce, and perpetuate the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII the Jews and their traitorous goyim allies have fraudulently concocted and institutionalized in the West.

The Times of Israel has more on the entirely fraudulent and truly absurd "atrocities" Mr. Groening claims he witnessed:

A former SS sergeant described in chilling detail Wednesday how cattle cars full of Jews were brought to the Auschwitz death camp, the people stripped of their belongings and then most led directly into gas chambers.

Oskar Groening is being tried on 300,000 counts of accessory to murder, related to a period between May and July 1944 when around 425,000 Jews from Hungary were brought to the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex in Nazi-occupied Poland and most immediately gassed to death.

During that period, so many trains were arriving that often two would have to wait with closed doors as the first was “processed,” Groening testified at the Lueneburg state court. [...]

Eva Kor, 81, was one of the Jews who arrived at Auschwitz in 1944. Though she doesn’t remember Groening personally, she said she can’t forget the scene.

“Everything was going very fast. Yelling, crying, pushing; even dogs were barking. I had never experienced anything that fast or that crazy in my entire life,” she told The Associated Press before addressing the court.

Her two older sisters and parents were taken directly to the gas chambers, while she and her twin sister, both 10 at the time, were ripped away from their mother to be used as human guinea pigs for notorious camp Dr. Josef Mengele’s experiments.

“All I remember is her arms stretched out in despair as she was pulled away,” Kor remembered. “I never even got to say goodbye.”

Kor, who now lives in Indiana, is one of more than 60 Auschwitz survivors and their families from the US, Canada, Israel and elsewhere who have joined the trial as co-plaintiffs as allowed under German law.

Thomas Walther, who represents many co-plaintiffs, said he and his clients were happy Groening agreed to testify, but suspected he was withholding many details.

“There is an ocean of truth, but with many islands of lies,” he said. [...]

Outside court, Kor said she wished Groening would use the trial to try and dissuade “misguided young people” today from becoming neo-Nazis but she was still satisfied with his testimony.

“I’m going to take whatever confession he gives — it’s better than no confession,” she told reporters. “Maybe this is the best thing he has ever done in his life. Isn’t that sad?”
To understand what Auschwitz was really like, I highly recommend watching David Cole's classic documentary:

Fritz Berg, a leading "Holocaust" revisionist who has appeared on The Realist Report in the past, concisely summarized the farcical prosecution of the "Accountant of Auschwitz" in a recent email:
Except for endorsing the hoax in the broadest terms possible, Oskar Groening's story is totally devoid of any content that can be cross-checked critically at all. Did he actually witness any gassings? Did he see corpses afterward? Did he see smoke from the chimneys of the crematoria? Why didn't the Jews even try to run away or escape?

Groening's tale is so fuzzy and vague - and deliberately so. Will there be any serious defense? Of course, not. Groening's lies are an obvious farce to win himself some brownie points with the Jew-dominated tyranny in Germany today. In spite of all the illegal repression, the bigots are still losing badly to the revisionists - so they, the Jews and their stooges, have to drag out Groening for one more try.
In my opinion, and I must admit I have no real proof to back this up, Mr. Groening's trial was set up in order to attempt to counter the growing awareness of "Holocaust" revisionism. More and more people around the world are becoming skeptical of the alleged "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, which has been used as a weapon against the West, netting the international Jewish community countless trillions of dollars, endless sympathy, and a perpetual "victim card" they can always rely on.

What makes Mr. Groening's trial so unique and unusual is the fact that "unlike many of the other SS men and women who worked at concentration camps, [Mr. Groening] has spoken openly about his time at Auschwitz in interviews, in part, he says, to counter Holocaust denial," NBC News recently reported. "He has talked in detail about the horrible crimes he witnessed at the camp, but because he never killed anyone, he sees himself as legally innocent."

Sadly, many people will blindly accept Mr. Groening's and other "Holocaust" survivors' testimony due to the emotional, traumatic nature of it, coupled with the psychologically damaging and exploitative "Holocaust" propaganda they have already been exposed to via Hollywood, the mass media, and the educational establishment.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Responding to a Jewish critic

I recently received the following email from a Jewish man living in the United Kingdom. I've decided to post this particular critic's email along with my reply for educational purposes. 

I hope that this will be an on-going dialogue, but given the fact most Jews are simply incapable of rationally dealing with criticisms of their individual and collective behavior, their subversive and destructive agendas, and their sacred, entirely fraudulent myths (especially the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII), I highly doubt that will happen.

But, you never know. This man seems genuine and honest at the very least - perhaps he will hear me out and respond rationally and intelligently. -JRF
I stumbled across your blog and twitter account and I just wanted to say how upset it made me. I never send emails and I have had to set this up just to say this so please please give me 3 minutes of your time and read this. 
I am a Jew, I was born in London although both my parents were born in Warsaw, Poland. Both my parents spent time in Treblinka Concentration Camp and while they both survived their time there, the rest of their families did not. It was an experience which my mother up until her death suffered severe trauma from. I find it simply beyond belief that you view the Holocaust as a made up lie as a result of Jewish dominance in the media. My mother was the daughter of a butcher and my father used to construct tables. They were never involved in finance. They never had anything to do with the media and nor were they trying to brainwash people into pitying them for their own gains and I think to say that is an insult to their memories and their families memories.

I am simply shocked that an intelligent man such as yourself can deny an event like this ever happening and more than that I don't understand why you tweet anti-semitic remarks and complaints about Jews. I am a train driver and I assure you I do not have any influence in the media or in the world of politics or finance. I therefore fail to see why my people are in your responsibility part of some conspiracy to do evil acts. And it breaks my heart to think that rather than attack individuals who you see as corrupt and responsible for what you view as wrong in the world you instead focus your hatred on a race of people, I am a Jew but I am in no way responsible for some of the various crimes you have associated with my people. 
One last thing I would like to say is that I do not even like Israel. There is a difference between being Jewish and being Israeli as much as there is a difference between being Catholic and being Italian. I am in no way answerable to the actions of Israel and while I like the idea that there is a Jewish state but honestly I disagree with just about everything it does, I am not Israeli and have no attraction to the country nor do I ever intend on going there and I 100% support Palestinian Independence. Once again I suggest your complaints are perhaps at individual people as opposed to the whole Jewish faith. 
I just find it upsetting to see someone such as yourself posting such hateful remarks about my race when genuinely I don't see why. There really just isn't this world wide conspiracy of Jews and your arguments for the Holocaust being faked are just so offensive and crazy.

I don't like to think of people as bad people but it hurts me when a race to which I belong receives such endless hatred from a person such as yourself, I simply do not understand. 
If you have reached this point I would like to thank you for reading and I'm sure you hate me because I'm Jewish but please ask yourself why you hate a man before you know them or have ever met them and what exactly I'm supposed to have done wrong.

Please feel free to reply and I would welcome any questions.
My reply:

Hello, thank you for taking the time to set up an email account to express how upset you are with my political views and the basic facts I am stating, highlighting, and commenting upon on my personal website and Twitter feed.

I've come to understand that most Jews, and ignorant, weak people generally, operate on their base emotions, rather than through an intellectual process utilizing logic and critical reasoning.

That being said, you raise several issues which are worth commenting upon.

First, you've obviously noticed that I focus much of my writings on the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII we are all supposed to blindly accept.

In your email, you claim that both of your parents spent time in the Treblinka concentration camp during WWII. Furthermore, you claim that although your parents survived their stay at the camp, "the rest of their families did not."

Of course, I cannot verify your claims. I don't necessarily deny them either, but I do find it interesting that, once again, we have an example of Jews surviving a "Nazi death camp" (i.e., Treblinka), yet at the same time we are supposed to believe that "the Nazis" implemented a state sanctioned plan to systematically murder European Jewry resulting in the death of 6 million Jews.

If "the Nazis" did in fact have such a policy, how in the world did your parents survive Treblinka?! Isn't the fact that they did in fact survive "the Holocaust" proof that at least part of the official "Holocaust" narrative is false?

I'm curious: have you ever sat down and investigated what "Holocaust" revisionists have discovered about the supposed "Nazi death camps," especially Treblinka, which has such a deep connection to you and your family? Surely you know that there are two sides to every story.

Eric Hunt, a brilliant and courageous "Holocaust" revisionist and film-maker who I have interviewed on my radio program, recently produced an interesting documentary about Treblinka which you can view for free online.

Have you seen it? What did you think about it? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, you have been lied to about the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" your parents and ancestors purportedly experienced (even though your parents didn't even perish in it!)?

The simple fact of the matter is that the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is false in virtually every aspect. There were no "homicidal gas chambers." Six million Jews were not murdered in a systematic fashion by the Germans and their allies during WWII. These are the basic facts and points "Holocaust" revisionists have been documenting and explaining for years now, and they have thoroughly, scientifically, and conclusively proven that the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" is just not true, especially as it is depicted by our mainstream mass media, Hollywood, and educational establishment.

My good friend and noted "Holocaust" revisionist Fritz Berg recently opined:
No one was "gassed" at Auschwitz or any other German camp. Although many autopsies were made on the dead by the Allies, none showed any evidence of gassing or poisoning. The evidence for "gassings" consists entirely of "eyewitness" statements. ALL of the "eyewitnesses" were LIARS and are easily shown to be liars; there are NO exceptions. The Germans who confessed about "gassings" did so o-n-l-y because of torture - far more brutal than anything done by the US recently.

The huge numbers of "holocaust survivors" - well into the hundreds of thousands still today - are undeniable proof that the extermination claims are a hoax. "They" survived because the Nazis never tried to exterminate them in the first place. The Nazis kept them alive as best they could under nearly impossible circumstances. The r-e-a-l mass murderers were the western Allies.
The entire "Holocaust" narrative is an anti-German, anti-White propaganda story that has been institutionalized in the Western world, which has been used to advance international Jewry's political and economic agenda, as well as cover up the very real war crimes and atrocities committed by the Western Allies and Soviet Union. It's as simple as that.

Critically discussing and analyzing the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the vast majority of people, particularly Jews. The propaganda associated with the "Holocaust" is so traumatic, emotional, and horrifying, most people simply cannot deal with the subject rationally and intelligently.

To be frank, you appear to be one of those individuals. And I don't blame you for that. Being a Jew yourself, I imagine it would be very difficult to critically examine the official "Holocaust" narrative. But I encourage you to do so. You will discover that it is entirely fraudulent. It is a weapon used to demonize Western civilization, White racial identity, and Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany, while at the same time promoting extreme Jewish ethnocentrism, tribalism, and a false sense of persecution and victimhood.

Secondly, I do believe that there are Jews in the world, both historically and contemporarily, who really do not play an important or central role in the overall Jewish agenda. You are likely one of these Jews.

In fact, since I first began investigating various aspects of the "New World Order" and "conspiracy theories," I've come to realize that there are many important and courageous dissidents, scholars, journalists, and philosophers of Jewish descent who have exposed important aspects of hidden history, international Zionism, Jewish identity politics, and related subjects.

For example, Gilad Atzmon, an Israeli-born internationally renowned philosopher, writer, and saxophonist who has renounced his Jewish faith and identity, has written extensively about Jewish identity and tribalism, international Zionism, the Jewish state of Israel, political correctness, and the Jewish influence over the political left.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, a Jewish-born convert to Orthodox Christianity, is one of the most popular and insightful political commentators operating in the alternative media today. He is certainly not afraid of exposing the agenda of the organized Jewish community and its subversion and perversion of traditional Western civilization, in addition to its attack on the Christian faith.

Other important Jewish critics and dissidents I've come across include Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shahak, Jack Bernstein, and Henry Makow, to name only a few prominent examples.

That being said, the vast majority of Jews - the overwhelming majority - support the overall Jewish agenda in the Western world (i.e., culture distortion, massive non-White immigration, "diversity" and "multiculturalism" [read: White genocide], homosexual rights, sexual degeneracy and perversion, wars for Israel in the Middle East, bailouts for crooked Wall Street bankers, etc.) while hypocritically supporting the Jewish ethno-state in the Middle East known as Israel. You yourself even stated that you "like the idea that there is a Jewish state" even though you disagree with many (or most) of its policies.

Let me ask you a very straight-forward question: do you support the idea of independent, sovereign White nations, free from the insidious and subversive influence of Jews? Do you support the notion that White people deserve their own homelands, their own governments, their own media and educational systems? I support the idea of an independent Jewish state, just as I support the idea of independent states for all racial and ethnic groups. What about you?

Finally, just because I criticize Jews and highlight inconvenient facts that make Jews uncomfortable does not mean that I "hate" all Jews. Most Jews, yourself included, view any sort of criticism of Jewry or any sort of independent analysis of various historical events as somehow "hateful" or "bigoted" - even "anti-Semitic." I find this weak, childish mindset to be totally contrary to my own personal intellectual outlook and worldview, and Western political and intellectual traditions historically.

Criticizing Jews or anyone else - Blacks, Mexicans, illegal aliens, homosexuals, women, etc. - does not equate to "hatred" of the individual or collective group being criticized. This typical Jewish position is so weak, pathetic, and dishonorable I am finding it more and more difficult to tolerate.

Grow up buddy. Stop whining and crying about my alleged "hatred" of Jews and objectively deal with the facts and perspectives I am presenting if you want to continue this dialogue.

John Friend

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Holocaust Debunked Once and for All


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Support John Friend's Free Speech! - Update

Back on March 4th, I set up an Indiegogo Fundraiser entitled Support John Friend's Free Speech! Here is how I described the Fundraiser on Indiegogo:
Hello, my name is John Friend, and I am an independent journalist, blogger, and radio host. I maintain, where you can find all of my personal writings, blog posts, radio appearances, and radio programs. My writings and radio programs focus primarily on issues relating to 9/11 and the so-called "Global War on Terrorism," WWII historical revisionism, the organized international Jewish community, media deception, and psychological warfare - most certainly very controversial topics.

Writing and speaking about these controversial, yet critical issues is extremely important. The American people are being lied to on a daily basis by their political leaders and mass media. It is time to turn off the television, throw away the newspaper, and support alternative, independent media.

I have been specifically targeted by un-American, anti-free speech activists because of my writings and radio programs. Un-American, tyrannical entities wish to restrict and end my God-given, inalienable rights to freedom of expression, thought, and speech granted to all American citizens according to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. This is unacceptable to me, and millions of Americans across this country.

Please stand with me, and support my right to freedom of speech, even if you do not necessarily agree with everything I say or advocate. It is our right as Americans to stand up and speak our mind, without fear of persecution or intimidation. And folks, I have most certainly been persecuted, harassed, and threatened for espousing and highlighting controversial and politically incorrect facts and points of view.

I have been fired from my job and banned from PayPal for expressing my views, which largely amount to stating basic, yet little known, facts about history, politics, economics, and other current events.

If you appreciate and support the work I am doing at The Realist Report - if you support free speech and the First Amendment - please consider making a financial contribution towards this Spring 2015 fundraiser. Thank you!
I set a goal of raising $2,000 for this particular Fundraiser. Right now, we've raised $1,184 from 30 contributors. The Indiegogo campaign will stay active until Monday, May 4th. If you appreciate the material and information presented here, and recognize the risks associated with this line of work, please consider making a financial contribution towards the Fundraiser and help us reach the $2,000 goal! Every bit helps!

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American Free Press is the last printed national newspaper that openly champions the interests of traditional America. It is independent, populist, and pro-White. The Barnes Review is practically the only revisionist publication operating in the entire world today. If you are unfamiliar with these publications, be sure to check out their websites and become a subscriber! Both are well worth your support.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Israel pushes to have "anti-Semitism" recognized as international crime

Earlier this year, at the behest of the Jewish state of Israel, the organized international Jewish community, and traitorous politicians working for the Jews in the West, the United Nations held an informal plenary session on the alleged "rising tide of anti-Semitism" around the world.

Of course, all respectable mainstream politicians, journalists, and public policy makers agreed that "anti-Semitism" must not be tolerated anywhere in the world, that it should be immediately condemned, and that "anti-Semites" should be ostracized, shunned, and even criminally prosecuted for "hate crimes" and "anti-Semitic speech."

However, some political commentators and international bureaucrats went a step further. They argued that "anti-Semitism" must be confronted and legislated against at the international level, with the German and French representatives openly calling for "a new legal framework at the European Union and internationally to address the diffusion of racist and anti-Semitic speeches and material," The Times of Israel reported.

The tireless efforts of organized international Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel to have "anti-Semitism" acknowledged globally as a "thought crime" are once again making headlines. The Algemeiner, an online Jewish news outlet, recently reported:

Attorney Alan Baker, Israel’s former ambassador to Canada and a legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry wants antisemitism to be treated as an international crime. In a new Israeli initiative, Baker is proposing that international courts be used to combat global hate crimes against Jews.

Baker has drafted an international convention calling on the “Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Antisemitism.” The Convention, which is drafted in the manner of classical international anti-terrorism treaties and those for other crimes, will allow countries to cooperate and exchange information with others, in order to extradite those suspected of acts that meet the definition of antisemitism, Israel’s NRG reported in Wednesday.

“We need to set down clear rules on what constitutes antisemitism and to set up international codes to prevent it. We expect that the initiative will be thoroughly discussed among all entities and countries that are engaging antisemitism on a global scale,” said Baker.

Explaining the need for the Convention, Baker noted that, “everyone knows to condemn antisemitism, but they are not doing what is necessary in order to fight against it on an international legal level.” He added that, “on the other hand, international courts invite people from around the world to account for various crimes. We think that this is precisely the place to also work decisively and unambiguously against antisemitism.”

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, where Mr. Baker is now a fellow, intends to release a draft of the Convention, during a series of conferences at the United Nations, to other international organizations, international capitals, and among Jewish communities and organizations around the world.

This will be done in order to encourage countries to support the initiative and to submit a draft of the Convention to the appropriate UN organizations, in order to obtain international approval of the Convention.

Baker said that, “if the world really wants to work against this terrible phenomenon, the time has come to line up behind the measures that are necessary to be employed against it.”
Think about the severity of these recent developments folks: the Jews are pushing to have "anti-Semitism" (i.e., stating basic facts about the subversive, criminal nature of organized Jewry and the Jewish state of Israel) internationally recognized as a crime. If the Jews get their way, "anti-Semites" will literally be arrested and extradited to stand trial at an "international court of justice." If this isn't the epitome of total Jewish tyranny implemented on an international scale, I don't know what is.

And consider what the Jews did during the Bolshevik revolution almost as soon as they took over. They criminalized "anti-Semitism" and made it an offense punishable by death.

"As an expression of its radically anti-nationalist character, the fledgling Soviet government issued a decree a few months after taking power that made anti-Semitism a crime in Russia," Mark Weber explains in his excellent treatise detailing the Jewish role in the Bolshevik revolution and subsequent Communist regime. "The new Communist regime thus became the first in the world to severely punish all expressions of anti-Jewish sentiment."

If you dared to criticize or expose Jewish criminality and treachery in the Soviet Union, particularly during and immediately after the Jewish engineered Bolshevik revolution, you'd be imprisoned, tortured, and/or murdered, oftentimes in the most depraved fashion. That's exactly what the Jews are aiming to implement in the 21st century, only on a global scale.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Children of "Holocaust survivors" being groomed to perpetuate weaponized historical narrative

Due to the extremely emotional and traumatic nature of the official "Holocaust" story of WWII - "6 million Jews" allegedly brutalized, tortured, gassed, and/or murdered at the hands of Adolf Hitler and "the evil Nazis" - the vast majority of people are simply incapable of critically thinking about this very important aspect of our collective historical narrative.

The official "Holocaust" narrative, which has been exposed as entirely false in virtually all aspects by serious, honest historians and scientists, has been perpetuated and reinforced largely by emotionally charged, psychologically exploitative propaganda.

The propaganda, imagery, and testimony associated with the fake "Holocaust" tale are designed to exploit mass audiences' base emotions and psychology, rendering them incapable of critically evaluating the information they are (seemingly) innocuously consuming, literally implanting the false narrative of "6 million murdered Jews" in their minds.

Emotional, traumatizing movies produced and promoted by the admittedly Jewish-owned and controlled Hollywood movie industry have been instrumental in this successful propaganda and public relations campaign on behalf of organized Jewry. "Holocaust survivors" and their emotional, dubious, and in many cases completely fraudulent testimony have been crucial to this successful propaganda campaign as well.

As the number of "Holocaust survivors" rapidly diminishes, the organized Jewish community is seeking to groom the children of these alleged "survivors" in order to perpetuate this entirely false, highly weaponized narrative of history, as The Times of Israel recently reported:

When David Hershkoviz was a child, he used to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of his mother screaming in her sleep, knowing that she was reliving the horrors of the Holocaust,

In time, he learned of the traumatic wartime experience that haunted her most — being torn away from her own mother at the Auschwitz concentration camp’s selection line, where at 21 she was forced into work and her mother dispatched to death.

“That separation never left her,” said Hershkoviz, 54, his voice quivering as he choked back tears. “She said, ‘I think my mother is angry at me because I left her. … My mother never comes to me in my dreams. I haven’t dreamed about her since we parted. How is that possible?'”

When his mother, Mindel, died two years ago, he wanted to carry on her legacy by bearing witness to the Holocaust. He found help in a first-of-its-kind course teaching the children of Holocaust survivors how to ensure their parents’ stories live on.

Hershkoviz is one of 18 graduates of the Shem Olam Institute’s inaugural four-month “second-generation” course, where children of survivors study the history of the horrors their parents endured and how best to pass it on. The program aims to usher in a new stage of Holocaust commemoration in a post-survivor era. [...]
It is no exaggeration to say that the organized international Jewish community and the Jewish state of Israel are literally obsessed with the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, which has been so beneficial, so critical, to the political and financial success of the Jews since WWII. The "Holocaust" is constantly invoked, reported on, discussed, and perpetuated on a daily basis, in Israel and in the West.

Ahead of "Holocaust Rememberance Day," close to half of Israelis polled believe a "second Holocaust" is possible, largely because the "lessons from the Shoah" have not been fully realized, The Times of Israel recently reported. Additionally, as I noted last week, 80% of Israelis believe the "Holocaust" will eventually be forgotten.

"Unfortunately, given the organized Jewish community's highly effective marketing and public relations campaign centered around the promotion and perpetuation of the false 'Holocaust' narrative of WWII, I very much doubt this anti-White, anti-German narrative of history will 'lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times,' as many Israelis polled apparently believe," I argued in the post. "We would be foolish indeed to think our Jewish overlords and traitorous politicians would allow us to 'forget about the Holocaust' and the 'important lessons' it has taught humanity."

The Jerusalem Post recently ran a headline screaming: "Tens of thousands of Holocaust survivors living here in poverty," practically demanding even more money from the guilt-ridden Germans and other European countries and private organizations too weak to stand up to the Jews. Indeed, as the article explains, increased funding for the various social service organizations helping "Holocaust survivors" in Israel have been increased, with the funding coming from "increased German restitution payments as well as private foundations, the Austrian government, and a settlement with Swiss banks," according to the the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, a mafia-style Jewish racket if there ever was one.

As we approach yet another day(!) officially sanctioned to commemorate the false "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, let us all critically and logically examine the way in which this weaponized and entirely fraudulent version of history has been perpetuated and reinforced.

The official "Holocaust" narrative is never explained or presented in a rational, logical, or fact-based format. Rather, it is implanted, reinforced, and perpetuated in our minds via psychological warfare and deceitful propaganda, utilizing a trauma-induced, fear-based mind control format.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

ADL hyping "right wing extremism" ahead of OKC bombing anniversary

The Anti-Defamation League, one of the most sinister and subversive anti-American organizations operating in the United States, is hyping the alleged threat of "right wing extremism" ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. According to a recent press release from the ADL:

Twenty years since the Oklahoma City bombing, anti-government extremists and white supremacists who share an ideology and worldview similar to that of Timothy McVeigh still pose a threat to society, according to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which monitors the activities of extreme right-wing groups and movements in the United States.

“People don’t necessary realize that the growth of anti-government extremists was just as dramatic in 2009 and 2010 as it was in 1994 and 1995,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “The growth of the sovereign citizen movement alone was the highest extremist-related concern among law enforcement in 2014. White supremacists have also engaged in many shocking acts of violence.

“While after 9/11 America appropriately focused security and intelligence on the danger of Islamic extremism, which has largely protected us from that threat, it is important to recognize the continuing harm caused by right-wing extremists,” Mr. Foxman added. “There are still a disturbing number of violent acts and plots stemming from extreme right-wing movements that have targeted Jews and other minorities, government officials and buildings, and law enforcement officers.” [...]

“In the year 2015, the U.S. is still in the midst of a right-wing extremist surge,” said Dr. Pitcavage. “The 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing is an opportunity to acknowledge the ongoing threat of right-wing extremism, a singularly pernicious form of homegrown violent extremism that not only took so many lives in April 1995, but has taken hundreds of lives in the years since then.”

McVeigh, the primary perpetrator of the attack, who had both anti-government and white supremacist views, is not viewed as a “hero” among most right-wing extremists. In the immediate aftermath of the bombing, anti-government extremists rushed to disassociate themselves from McVeigh’s actions, and today most see him as a patsy of the government or as a “government plant.”

The most widely accepted conspiracy theory about the bombing among domestic far-right extremists is that the U.S. government itself was somehow responsible for the bombing.

“The Oklahoma City bombing still stands as a potent reminder that the U.S. faces threats both from abroad and from its own extremist fringes,” Mr. Foxman said. “We must have the wisdom to respond effectively to violence from all sources of extremism. That would be the most positive way to pay homage to those who so tragically lost their lives on April 19, 1995.” [...]
There are a few points worth making about the latest efforts of the ADL to demonize and hype the threat allegedly posed by "right wing extremists," and their continued promotion of the officially sanctioned narrative explaining the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City roughly 20 years ago.

First, as many readers are probably aware, the official narrative alleging that Timothy McVeigh and his accomplice Terry Nichols were responsible for the bombing is entirely false. The documentary film A Noble Lie is an excellent source that critically examines the official narrative, debunking it in its entirety.

Second, the ADL had foreknowledge of McVeigh's activities, and was likely involved in the actual operation, which was then used to crack down on and demonize "the extreme right" (i.e., the militia movement, racialist and nationalist groups, etc.). Obviously, the ADL has a major interest in perpetuating and reinforcing the false official narrative of the OKC bombing.

Finally, the ADL and allied groups (the Southern Poverty Law Center, for example) are constantly hyping the alleged "threats" from ostensibly sinister groups, including "right wing extremists," anti-abortion activists, and "Muslim fanatics," providing various organizations of the federal government, local and state law enforcement agencies, and federal and state legislative bodies with "intelligence," "advice," and "training" in order to "deal with" or "combat" these alleged threats. 

In many cases, as with the Oklahoma City bombing, the ADL and criminal factions of various governmental agencies are actually involved with planning and setting up "terrorist attacks," which are then used to further demonize and crack down on the different groups or entities the ADL does not like.

It is time Americans recognize how subversive anti-American groups like the ADL operate, and what their true agenda really is.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

80% of Israelis fear "Holocaust" will eventually be forgotten

An article recently appearing in The Times of Israel highlights a poll conducted in Israel which found that "over 80% of Israelis think the Holocaust will one day fade from memory," according to the article. The article continues:

The survey was conducted by The Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors ahead of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, marked April 16, in an attempt to glean contemporary perceptions surrounding the Holocaust in Jewish-Israeli society, the NRG news site reported Wednesday.

Five hundred Jewish-Israeli adults were canvassed for the study.

Asked whether the Holocaust will lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times and fade into history as “just another event,” 36.6% of respondents said the matter was a certainty, 45% said that it may happen, and only 17.5% responded that such a situation would not transpire.

Asked, however, if the public memory of the Holocaust influences everyday decision making in the private and public spheres in Israel, 42.2% answered in affirmative. Ten point one percent said the memory of the Holocaust has personal resonance only, while 26.9% responded that it only dictates national policy. Just 15.5% of respondents said that the memory of the Holocaust has no influence. [...]

The head of the organization behind the study believes the findings indicate a worrying trend in which the lessons of World War II will hold little significance for future generations — a course that should be counteracted with a rethink of Holocaust education in the Jewish state.

“It’s hard to think what would happen when the last [remaining] Holocaust survivors will no longer be with us,” Colette Avital, chairwoman of the Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors, said.

“This data should worry the country’s leaders and all those who [believe in] the continuity of Jewish history,” she said.
Unfortunately, given the organized Jewish community's highly effective marketing and public relations campaign centered around the promotion and perpetuation of the false "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, I very much doubt this anti-White, anti-German narrative of history will "lose its significance as the seminal catastrophe of modern times," as many Israelis polled apparently believe.

Not a day goes by without a mention or invocation of some aspect of the fake "Holocaust" story. Virtually every single year, one or more movies based on the "Holocaust" are made, often receiving high praise and even Academy Awards. The false "Holocaust" narrative is constantly reinforced and perpetuated through "Holocaust survivor" testimony, memoirs, books, plays, and through the Western educational system. One cannot avoid it. The "Holocaust" is rammed down our throats, stuffed into our brains, and implanted and reinforced in our minds every single day practically.

Indeed, the entire New World Order agenda, which in reality is simply a Jewish plot to enslave the world politically, economically, and culturally, destroying racial consciousness and national distinctions in the process while creating a world of mindless consumers and workers, is largely based on implementing the "lessons of the Holocaust," as Jewish leaders have openly declared.

"The Holocaust stands as Western Civilization's greatest failure," Ian Kagedan, former National Director of Government Relations of B'nai Brith Canada, wrote in a 1991 Toronto Star op-ed piece entitled Memory of the Holocaust Central to New World Order. "It was a natural outcome of centuries of racism and of anti-Semitism. To deny the Holocaust is to deny racism's capacity to undercut our civilization's basic values and to destroy democracy. Achieving our quest of a 'new world order' depends on our learning the Holocaust's lessons."

We would be foolish indeed to think our Jewish overlords and traitorous politicians would allow us to "forget about the Holocaust" and the "important lessons" it has taught humanity.

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Monday, April 6, 2015

The Realist Report - Justin Garcia aka Master Chim

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Justin Garcia aka Master Chim from The Pressure Project. Justin and I will be discussing a variety of issues including homeschooling, weakness in our society, political correctness, masculinity, feminism and related issues. Calls are encouraged! You can download the entire program here.

Below are relevant links for this program:

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

SPLC lobbying PayPal to ban "hate groups"

On November 25, 2014, PayPal permanently limited my account, banning me from using their platform to accept donations or online payments. Other websites, including The Daily Stormer and The Daily Slave, also had their PayPal accounts permanently limited around this time.

Apparently, PayPal made this move against me and others as a direct response from the Souther Poverty Law Center, a virulently anti-White, anti-free speech organization that seeks to enforce political correctness and punish political dissidents.

In a recent blog post on Hatewatch, the SPLC laments the fact PayPal has not permanently banned other "hate groups," including The Barnes Review and the Rense Radio Network, from using their services to receive donations and raise money.

Two months after a representative for PayPal requested a list of radical right groups and individuals using its services to raise money from Hatewatch, the company has not moved to restrict the groups’ usage of the service to promote racism. That stands in great contrast to other web-based services such as Spotify and iTunes that have moved swiftly to drop hate content once notified.

PayPal’s own “acceptable use policy,” which governs the use of its services, prohibits “use [of] the PayPal service for activities that … relate to transactions involving items that promote hate, violence, [or] racial intolerance.”

Yet, as the Washington Post reported last month, repeated requests for PayPal to enforce its own guidelines have been met with obstinacy, if acknowledged at all. This effectively means that PayPal, the largest online payment system, has given a tacit blessing for white supremacists to use their services as an unofficial banking system.

That obstinacy has spawned a petition campaign on the care2care website demanding PayPal (and other companies) stop providing its services to hate groups. The petition now has more than 80,000 signatures.

PayPal has taken a proactive stance before, banning some of the worst white supremacist sites from using the company’s services to move money. [...]
What exactly is a "hate group"? A "hate group," according to Marxist cry babies like the SPLC, is any group or organization that does not abide by political correctness.

Unsurprisingly, in America today we see major organizations and corporations, such as PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., consulting with and relying on anti-White, anti-free speech groups like the Souther Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League to determine who is and who isn't allowed to use their services.

The Jews and their Marxist allies are trying their hardest to make it as difficult as possible for anyone standing up to their anti-White, tyrannical agenda to operate in the modern world.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Grandchildren of "Holocaust survivors" perpetuating myth

A book review recently published by The Jewish Daily Forward discusses and promotes a book entitled, God, Faith & Identity From the Ashes: Reflections of Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors. The review, written by Michael Berenbaum, a Professor of Jewish Studies at American Jewish University, describes the book thusly:

[...] Edited by Menachem Rosensaft, this work features short but powerful essays by some 88 contributors from 16 countries. Diverse as they may be, they have one experience in common: All are children or grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. The authors were chosen for their prominence as writers and artists, rabbis and cantors, political leaders and generals, lawyers and judges, and professors and scholars. They are a who’s who of their generation and they reflect the diverse, conflicting and often contradictory ways that the Holocaust has affected the succeeding generations.

The essays are divided into four sections: God, identity, the legacy of memory and tikkun olam, ordinarily translated as “repairing the world,” but here translated as “changing the world for the better.” The divisions, however necessary, are artificial, as many essays deal with all four. For most writers, they are inseparable. [...]
One wonders if the Jews will still be writing books about the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII in 50 years from now. Perhaps the great-grandchildren or great-great-grandchildren of "Holocaust survivors" will be writing books about how they are "implementing the lessons from the Shoah" and "changing the world for the better" (i.e., making the world safe for the Jewish exploitation of and rule over all peoples and nations) in the future.

The promotion, perpetuation, and reinforcement of this absurd horror story known as the "Holocaust" will never end unless we make it end by educating ourselves and rejecting Jewish lies.

Since WWII, the organized international Jewish community has literally created a trillion dollar industry centered around the promotion and reinforcement of this ridiculous, entirely false historical narrative, and have used it as a weapon against the Western world.

The false "Holocaust" story has served as a weapon to demonize and delegitimize White identity and national self-determination, equating these entirely rational concepts and aspirations with "hate," "racism," and "genocide."

After all, everyone knows that if you openly identify as a White person, care about the future of the White race, and seek to formulate and advance the interests of White people in America or anywhere else in the world, you are an "Evil Nazi Who Wants to Murder Six Million Jews," just like Hitler, his supporters, and his allies did, right?

On the other hand, the fake "Holocaust" narrative is the central unifying factor of international Jewry. Indeed, as studies have shown, the false "Holocaust" narrative and the exaggerated, distorted notion of Jewish "persecution" and "suffering" at the hands of irrational, mindless "bigots" and "anti-Semites" - all of whom are strongly linked to traditional Western civilization and its peoples - are the most important aspects of Jewish identity. The "Holocaust" defines Jewry, and books like the one mentioned above serve to reinforce this central aspect of Jewish identity (not to mention generate substantial income and sympathy from the gullible goyim).

Are you starting to catch on to this scam?

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