Thursday, March 5, 2015

Farrakhan: Israelis, Zionist Jews had "key roles in the 9/11 attacks"

The Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan has the organized Jewish community in an uproar after making "anti-Semitic" statements (i.e., truthful statements about Jews, Jewish criminality, the Jewish state of Israel, and Jewish power and influence) during his annual Saviours' Day sermon recently.

According to a press release from the Anti-Defamation League, Farrakhan's powerful speech, in which he correctly identified the Jewish state of Israel and Jewish criminals largely controlling the United States federal government and mainstream mass media as being behind the events of 9/11, once again reaffirmed "his status as the leading anti-Semite in America."

New York, NY, March 5, 2015 … Minister Louis Farrakhan devoted a large portion of his annual address to followers in Chicago to the anti-Semitic myth that Jews were responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which has extensively reported on the anti-Semitic activities of Farrakhan and his group, said that Farrakhan’s latest speech reaffirms his status as the leading anti-Semite in America.

It was the latest in a long litany of hate-filled diatribes from Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic and racist leader of the Nation of Islam, who has for decades used his pulpit and his organization to promote hatred aimed at Jews, blaming them for -- among other things -- the slave trade and the modern-day subjugation of Black people in America.

“Farrakhan is the pied piper of bigotry. No one perhaps since Father Coughlin has been able to so use and abuse his status as a religious leader with a large audience to obsessively harp on about perceived Jewish power and influence,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “At a time when anti-Semitic attitudes in America are at historic lows, Farrakhan’s unabashed promotion of anti-Semitism is a throwback to the intolerance of another era.”

Mr. Foxman added, “Unlike most fringe anti-Semites, Farrakhan still has a significant following who not only listen raptly, but who cheer him on with every new insult.”

During Part 2 of his annual Saviours’ Day speech on March 1 at NOI’s Mosque Maryam in Chicago, which was also live-streamed to thousands of NOI members on the Internet, Far­rakhan alleged Jews com­mit­ted the 9/11 terrorist attacks in order to start a war between the West and the Mus­lim world, and in order to enable the Jew­ish owner of the World Trade Cen­ter to col­lect bil­lions of dol­lars in insur­ance money.

Farrakhan cited one of the most common anti-Semitic 9/11 conspiracy theories, suggesting that Israelis had fore­knowl­edge of the attacks and that Jews received a text mes­sage not to come to work on Sep­tem­ber 11. He also claimed that Israel and Jews control U.S. for­eign policy and act against America’s inter­ests. [...]
According to an Access ADL Blog post highlighting and denouncing the speech, Farrakhan stated that "thanks to the exem­plary work of schol­ars like Vic­tor Thorn and Christo­pher Bol­lyn, it is now becom­ing appar­ent that there were many Israelis and Zion­ist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks." 

The blog post provides more details of Farrakhan's remarks:
Cit­ing “evi­dence” from anti-Semitic 9/11 con­spir­acy the­o­rists that Israelis were sup­pos­edly “arrested imme­di­ately after the attacks but quickly released and sent to Israel,” that the attacks were a plot for the Jew­ish owner of the World Trade Cen­ter to col­lect bil­lions of dol­lars in insur­ance money, that “Israelis had fore­knowl­edge of the attacks,” and that “we know that many Jews received a text mes­sage not to come to work on Sep­tem­ber 11,” Far­rakhan con­cluded that 9/11 was a “false flag oper­a­tion” to start a war between the West and the Mus­lim world. Blam­ing Jews for 9/11 is a com­mon NOI tac­tic for ril­ing up anti-Semitic hatred.

Far­rakhan also invoked anti-Semitic con­spir­acy the­o­ries about sup­posed Jew­ish con­trol of the Amer­i­can gov­ern­ment. He claimed that U.S. for­eign aid to Israel is given “with­out con­sult­ing the Amer­i­can peo­ple because they [Israel and Jews] have been work­ing for years to con­trol your rep­re­sen­ta­tives in Con­gress, in the Sen­ate, in the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives.” He also claimed that Israel con­stantly acts against America’s inter­ests, but “they don’t fear Amer­ica because they con­trol it from within.” [...]
Of course, all of Farrakhan's statements regarding 9/11 and Jewish influence and control over American politics and society are absolutely correct and easily verifiable. According to the Access ADL blog post, Farrakhan also told his audience that he hopes to expose the largely hidden history of "Jew­ish manip­u­la­tion of money prod­ucts" and their dominant role in the slave trade in the future.

I must commend Farrakhan for his bold and truthful remarks about the Jewish stranglehold on America, as well his statements specifically identifying Israel and an international network of Jewish criminals running the U.S. government and mass media as being the primary culprits behind the events of 9/11. Everyone deserves to know the truth about 9/11 and the reality of Jewish power in America, and Louis Farrakhan is certainly doing his part to bring these truths to light.

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Support John Friend's Free Speech!

This past weekend, I announced the Spring 2015 fundraiser for The Realist Report. Almost immediately, an entity called Shelley Rubin, whose Facebook profile proudly displayed the Jewish Defense League emblem, posted the following comment to the GoFundMe page I set up (which is now of course deleted):
No-one should donate to this evil, hate-filled, neo-Nazi monster. Over 100,000 brave Americans died fighting the Nazis, and yet John Friend admires Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, which makes him a traitor to this country. John Friend is a full-time extremist, he and his kind are America's shame and The Realist Report is nothing more than a vile 'hate' site which embarrasses decent American people.
Of course, GoFundMe emailed me on Monday morning stating that my fundraiser was terminated. 

Back in December of 2014, my PayPal account was permanently banned, as regular readers here are aware. Shortly after I was notified by PayPal that my account was permanently banned, I received the following message from an entity claiming to be with, once again, the Jewish Defense League:
Mr Friend, we made sure that you lost your job, and now we've denied you the means to accept donations from the dysfunctional failures who frequent your hate-site. And we haven't finished with you yet; in fact, we haven't even started - we're going to make sure that the rest of your hopeless, hate-filled life is exactly the existence that someone as morally and intellectually depraved as you deserves. Make the most of the time you have left, even through all the adversity that you'll soon be facing, and try not to take the coward's way out, just like your hero, Adolf Hitler, did.

Keep up the good work on the blog - you take antisemitism to new heights of hysteria, paranoia and lunacy, and the overall effect is more comedic than sinister or threatening. And the twenty or so people who leave comments, for some reason, they all have the same name - Anonymous. Aren't these little nazi-boys as brave as you are? Obviously not.

Even by the standards of most Jew haters, you're right at the bottom of the food chain. The detritus of a putrid, toxic and hopelessly marginalized species. As a target, you're so easy, we almost feel sorry for you. Almost, but not quite. 
Folks, this is the type of harassment I'm dealing with - simply for speaking my mind. Simply for stating basic, easily verifiable facts!

I have decided to set up an Indiegogo Fundraiser entitled Support John Friend's Free Speech! Here is how I describe the fundraiser on the Indiegogo page:
Hello, my name is John Friend, and I am an independent journalist, blogger, and radio host. I maintain, where you can find all of my personal writings, blog posts, radio appearances, and radio programs. My writings and radio programs focus primarily on issues relating to 9/11 and the so-called "Global War on Terrorism," WWII historical revisionism, the organized international Jewish community, media deception, and psychological warfare - most certainly very controversial topics.

Writing and speaking about these controversial, yet critical issues is extremely important. The American people are being lied to on a daily basis by their political leaders and mass media. It is time to turn off the television, throw away the newspaper, and support alternative, independent media.

I have been specifically targeted by un-American, anti-free speech activists because of my writings and radio programs. Un-American, tyrannical entities wish to restrict and end my God-given, inalienable rights to freedom of expression, thought, and speech granted to all American citizens according to the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. This is unacceptable to me, and millions of Americans across this country. 
Please stand with me, and support my right to freedom of speech, even if you do not necessarily agree with everything I say or advocate. It is our right as Americans to stand up and speak our mind, without fear of persecution or intimidation. And folks, I have most certainly been persecuted, harassed, and threatened for espousing and highlighting controversial and politically incorrect facts and points of view. 
I have been fired from my job and banned from PayPal for expressing my views, which largely amount to stating basic, yet little known, facts about history, politics, economics, and other current events.

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Monday, March 2, 2015

The Realist Report - John Kaminski

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the one and only John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing his recent essay "You Should Be Concerned About Your Hopeless Future," as well as other current events. Calls are welcome! You can download the entire program here.

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The Realist Report Spring 2015 Fundraiser

It's that time of year folks - it's time to kick off the Spring 2015 fundraiser for The Realist Report. I have set up a GoFundMe page, which I'll be using for the entire month of March to accept donations. I have set a goal of raising $2,000 over the course of the next month. Here is how I described The Realist Report Fundraiser on GoFundMe:
My name is John Friend, and I am an independent journalist, blogger, and radio host. I maintain, where you can find all of my personal writings, blog posts, radio appearances, and radio programs. My writings and radio programs focus primarily on issues relating to 9/11 and the so-called "Global War on Terrorism," WWII historical revisionism, the organized international Jewish community, media deception, and psychological warfare. Writing and speaking about these controversial, yet critical issues is extremely important. The American people are being lied to on a daily basis by their political leaders and mass media. It is time to turn off the television, throw away the newspaper, and support alternative, independent media.

If you appreciate and support the work I am doing at The Realist Report, please consider making a financial contribution towards this Spring 2015 fundraiser. Thank you!
Regular readers are no doubt aware that in December of last year, PayPal permenantly limited my account. Basically, I am blackballed from using PayPal, which to my knowledge is the only reliable service allowing bloggers and independent journalists to accept donations.

Folks, I'll be honest - I do not like asking for donations. I rarely do it. But, given the nature of the topics I openly discuss and write about, receiving some sort of financial assistance from listeners, readers, and supporters is necessary. I try to cover the major issues facing our world today, both in written form and on my radio program. In my view, we are covering and addressing some of the most important topics confronting humanity, including but certainly not limited to:
  • media manipulation, deception, programming and social conditioning; psychological and information warfare; 
  • the systematic Jewish assault, subversion and distortion of traditional Western civilization and control of Western governments; 
  • all aspects of 9/11, particularly the central role international Jewry and the Jewish media played in planning, orchestrating, executing and benefitting from the day's events and its aftermath; 
  • the fraudulent, destructive, and tyrannical nature of both the "Global War on Terror" and "Homeland Security" paradigms of American foreign and domestic policy institutionalized following 9/11, which were concocted by Jewish intellectuals, military strategists and public policy advisers; 
  • the real story of WWI and WWII, Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany; 
  • exposing the entirely fabricated Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, which is constantly reinforced and perpetuated by the Jewish controlled mass media, Hollywood and educational and political establishment; 
  • the extremely hostile, anti-White historical and cultural narrative promoted by the Jewish establishment controlling the West, resulting in an anti-White attitude in mainstream Western societies, fostered by the Jewish manipulation and distortion of our history and culture; 
  • racial realism and the fact that White people have rights and interests that are not being championed - or even openly discussed and formulated - by any organized mainstream political party or entity; 
  • exposing the fraudulence and Jewish subversion of organized "Churchianity" and the ridiculousness of Christian Zionism.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Book Review - America's Racial Powder Keg

At a time when the political discourse relating to racial issues, crime, and other socioeconomic matters in America could not be more distorted and twisted, America's Racial Powder Keg: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community, American Free Press' latest publication compiled and edited by Victor Thorn, provides much needed insight and straightforward, honest analysis all Americans should and must be exposed to. In an age of so-called "White privilege" and "White guilt" - an age in which White people are blamed for literally all of the evils plaguing society, both currently and throughout history - this book cuts through the disinformation and anti-White propaganda endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the controlled mass media and Marxist educational establishment.

The election of President Barack Obama, a mysterious mulatto man who proudly identifies with his African ancestry, ostensibly ushered in a "post-racial America." Millions of Whites, the vast majority of Blacks, and majorities of other minorities voted for Obama, who became the first non-White president in American history. Racial relations were seemingly the best they have ever been, so the story goes.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Some suspect, but few truly realize the fact that the elites controlling America are manipulating and outright promoting racial tensions and strife, covering up or downplaying the horrific and widespread phenomenon of Black-on-White violent crime, while excusing Black criminality and failures, blaming all the problems, whether real or merely perceived, confronting minorities in America on "White racism.”

A major theme of America's Racial Powder Keg is the reality of racial violence in America. Blacks commit an alarming percentage of violent crime in the United States, a fact that is largely downplayed, dismissed, and covered up by the controlled mass media. Several high profile cases involving Black miscreants getting justifiably shot and killed for their degenerate, criminal behavior, epitomized by the Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown incidents, have been deliberately twisted and distorted by the mass media, resulting in an oftentimes violent Black uprising sweeping America. Thorn correctly identifies the root of this crisis - cultural Marxism and political correctness, which have become institutionalized in the West, particularly following the fratricidal Second World War.

"The entire framework for this black uprising stems from the Frankfurt School’s agenda of eroding law and order by supporting criminals over those victimized by criminals," Thorn correctly avers. Indeed, virtually all of the racial strife and outright violence in America, from both a contemporary analysis as well as historical, can be traced back to a Jewish-inspired, Communist-directed conspiracy aimed at overthrowing, destroying, and ultimately replacing the principal racial stock that created and built America - the heroic White European peoples who founded this nation and developed it into the modern, civilized country it is today.

Israel Cohen, a radical Marxist Jew, admitted as much in 1912. In A Racial Program for the 20th Century, Cohen states:
We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.
Cultural Marxism and political correctness are the primary psychological and intellectual weapons being used to wage war upon traditional Western civilization, elevating and glorifying minorities and criminals while denigrating and slandering White European peoples and their accomplishments. With the mass media firmly under control of anti-White cultural Marxists, racial tensions have exploded, particularly since the election of President Obama.

The book addresses a wide variety of important issues necessary to understand what is really going on in America today from a racial perspective. It begins by debunking the official narrative of Black slavery in America, pointing out that the slave trade itself was largely dominated by Jewish merchants and slave traders, and that the vast majority of White Americans never even owned slaves. Also, slavery was an institution practiced all over the world, and still is practiced in many parts of modern Africa. Blacks themselves were involved in the slave trade, and even owned slaves in America!

Other important topics addressed in the book include a critical look at both Nelson Mandela, an icon for the left and elite political establishment in the Western world, and President Obama, the unjustified persecution of intellectuals and journalists daring to write critically about race, and the prevalence of crime, violence, nepotism, and corruption plaguing the Black community, amongst other crucial topics.

One of the main points emphasized throughout the book is that the liberal media and political establishment, working in conjunction with various Black activist groups and prominent race hustlers like the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson, have fostered and are perpetuating a violent, counterproductive, welfare-dependent culture within the Black community. Rather than telling Blacks they need to get their act together, take responsibility for their actions, and become productive, responsible members of society, Black leaders and the liberal political and media establishment celebrate and glorify degenerate Black "thug" or "gangsta" culture. Black gang violence and social and economic failure is always excused, never confronted and rectified. Large segments of the Black community in America will continue to be trapped in a never-ending cycle of poverty, violence, and degeneration as long as the politically correct dogmas infecting our society prevail.

Simply put, America's Racial Powder Keg is a book that should be required reading for all Americans, especially following the upheaval and destruction in Ferguson, Missouri and across the United States.


Victor Thorn and Pete Papaherakles were my special guests on the latest edition of The Realist Report. Be sure to download and listen to that program if you have not already. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

The Realist Report - America's Racial Powder Keg

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Victor Thorn and Pete Papaherakles of American Free Press - America's last real newspaper. Victor, Pete and I will be discussing the recently published book America's Racial Powder Keg: How a Violent Dependency State Has Been Created Within the Black Community, edited and compiled by Victor. Call are welcome! You can download the entire program here.

Below are relevant links for this program:

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Are Jews ever responsible for "anti-Semitism"?

Are Jews, their behavior and actions, and the policies they promote ever responsible for genuine anti-Jewish sentiment? Apparently not, according to Yair Rosenberg, who recently published an article on the subject for Tablet Magazine. In fact, honestly inquiring as to whether or not Jewish actions and behaviors are directly tied to criticism and hostility towards Jews is itself "anti-Semitic," Rosenberg argues.

A popular, mainstream Swedish radio host, Helena Groll, had the temerity to ask Israel's ambassador to Sweden whether or not Jews are responsible for rising "anti-Semitism" i.e., criticism of Jews and the Jewish state. Groll's question has caused an outrage, and prompted Rosenberg to write the following for Tablet:

There have been many reactions to the recent deadly violence against Jews in European capitals, from Paris to Copenhagen. Some have expressed solidarity with the Jewish community. Others have worked to reaffirm the European values of tolerance and pluralism. And then there’s Helena Groll, a presenter on Sweden’s public broadcast Sveriges Radio, who suggested yesterday that Jews are to blame for their own persecution.

In an interview with Isaac Bachman, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden, Groll asked: “Do the Jews themselves have any responsibility in the growing anti-Semitism that we see now?” Bachman, naturally, was taken aback. “I reject the question altogether,” he said. “The question of how a woman contributes to the fact of being raped is irrelevant altogether. I don’t think there is any provocation that Jews are doing–they just exist.” 
But Groll wasn’t finished attempting to pin the blame for European intolerance on its victims, and proceeded to suggest that Jews in Europe might have it coming due to the actions of completely different Jews in the Middle East. “But a lot of people would look at the Middle East today and say there are various conflicts that we know between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” she went on, “and a lot of people might say, ‘we see the Gaza war, we see things that have been happening, that Israel and Jews in Israel have a responsibility to reactions that are coming?'”

Listen to the entire exchange below:

After outrage on Swedish social media, Sveriges Radio apologized for the interview and purged it from the episode’s online recording. But while the station’s move is commendable, erasing the evidence of bigotry does not actually amount to confronting the bigotry. After all, if Groll is right that “a lot of people” think European Jews should be held accountable for the actions of Israel, Sweden has a much bigger problem than one blithely bigoted radio presenter.

Indeed, the fact that a respected host on Sweden’s public radio could so nonchalantly give voice to the oldest of anti-Semitic tropes–that Jews cause themselves to be hated, and that Jews anywhere are responsible for the actions of Jews everywhere–without any awareness of the bigotry of her comments suggests a much deeper societal failure. [...]

There are many reasons why European elites have had trouble acknowledging and combating anti-Jewish sentiment. Interviews like the one conducted by Groll–and like that conducted by the BBC’s Tim Willcox, who also suggested European Jews were accountable for Israel’s actions–suggest another: that there is much latent acceptance of arguments that blame Jews for their own predicament, even among enlightened and educated professionals.

Until such debilitating assumptions about Jews, which have bedeviled the European mind for centuries, are exposed and expunged, the continent will have little chance of meeting the challenge of protecting its Jews.
Boy, these Jews sure do have a lot of nerve.

Basically, the argument Rosenberg - an argument that is mainstream within and representative of the organized Jewish community - is making is that any manifestation of genuine anti-Jewish sentiment and even criticism of Jews is fundamentally irrational, misguided, and solely driven by a blind hatred and bigotry towards Jews. Jewish behavior has nothing at all to do with anyone, anywhere criticizing Jews.

"Anti-Semitism," which simply means exposing and highlighting basic facts about Jews as well as proposing honest, legitimate criticisms directed against Jews, the organized Jewish community, and the Jewish state of Israel, is written off as a pathological mental illness by the vast majority of Jews, and certainly the organized Jewish community. They literally think that they are above criticism, and anyone challenging them is an irrational, hate-filled Nazi who wants to commit another "Holocaust".

Do you see how delusion and absurd these people are? It's becoming more and more apparent as each day passes.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Alexander Hamilton's connection to Jews

Alexander Hamilton, widely regarded as an important Founding Father of America and a champion of the ratification of the U.S. Constitution, has long been suspected of having Jewish ancestry. Hamilton was a Federalist, and a strong proponent of a robust, centralized federal government and national bank. Alternative media personalities have even claimed Hamilton was essentially a Rothschild agent operating in America, seeking to financially enslave the American Republic shortly after gaining independence from Great Britain following the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War.

An interesting article recently appearing in Tablet Magazine, a Jewish news outlet, sheds some light on Hamilton's background and Jewish connections. The article discusses Hamilton, a musical which recently opened based on Hamilton's life.

"Something the musical doesn’t explore is the founding father’s early connections to Judaism," the article states, "and the much speculated-about possibility that Hamilton had Jewish roots himself." It continues:

Though the claim of Jewish heritage remains largely unsubstantiated, Hamilton certainly had close relationships with Jews from a young age.

While Hamilton’s father James A. Hamilton was definitely Scottish and a non-Jew, sources like the Jewish Virtual Library claim that Hamilton’s mother, Rachel Faucette, was likely Jewish. Her exact background is hard to determine, though. She seems to have been at least part Hugenot, and perhaps of African descent as well.

Some of the loudest contemporary voices insisting Hamilton was Jewish are neo-Nazis, in a racist conflation of Jews and Federalism. Bigotry aside, it is possible that in the relative melting pot of the colonial Caribbean, Faucette could have had Jewish or black ancestry, or both. Around the time of Hamilton’s birth in Nevis in the West Indies, the Caribbean had a sizable Sephardic community. Charlestown, the capital of Nevis, had a particularly large Jewish population.

What is certain is that Hamilton was a Jewish Day School boy. His mother never divorced her first husband (a probably Jewish man with the surname Lavien), so the Anglican Church saw Hamilton as illegitimate, banning him from its local school. Instead, he studied at a Jewish school (possibly being solo tutored by the headmistress) run out of a synagogue in Charlestown. It was there that he learned Hebrew, and he reportedly recalled to his son years later learning to recite the Ten Commandments.

Hamilton may not have organized Kabbalat Shabbat at the Constitutional Convention, but he maintained great personal respect for the Jews. His advocacy of immigration included demanding tolerance for Jewish Americans.

“Progress of the Jews,” he once wrote, “From their earliest history to the present time has been and is entirely out of the ordinary course of human affairs. Is it not then a fair conclusion that the cause also is an extraordinary one – in other words, that it is the effect of some great providential plan?’” And in a court case, he argued, “Why distrust the evidence of the Jews? Discredit them and you destroy the Christian religion.”
In my view, whether or not Alexander Hamilton was in fact Jewish is largely irrelevant at this point. What is relevant is that many of the ideas championed by Hamilton - strong central government (i.e., Federalism), a national bank, and "tolerance" for Jews - are exactly what is wrong with America. I believe a strong argument can be made that these ideas run counter to the true spirit of the American revolution, and the America men like Thomas Jefferson had in mind - a nation of hard-working, God-fearing farmers, craftsmen, and artisans of European descent who were educated, righteous, and independent. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Is "anti-Semitism" now fashionable in the U.S.?

The Times of Israel published a typically hysterical and delusional article the other day under the following ominous headline:

Not a week seems to go by without an anti-Semitic attack in the United States – either verbal or violent – against Jews.

“Unfortunately anti-Semitism has become fashionable again,” Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, executive vice president for the New York Board of Rabbis, told The Times of Israel. “It’s not a big deal to hate the Jews. The first group that gets attacked is the Jews.” [...]

“The world is witnessing an alarming rise in acts of anti-Semitism, and we must all do what we can to respond to this growing threat,” said Eric S. Goldstein, CEO of the UJA-Federation of New York. “History has shown us the ramifications of silence.”

The Anti-Defamation League warned in a recent statement just what those ramifications are.

“There must be a clear and consistently reinforced and maintained understanding that the hatred, bigotry and prejudice against Jews that threatens the future of Jewish life in many places is indeed an assault on the well-being and sense of security for all minorities and on society as a whole,” said Michael A. Salberg, the Anti-Defamation League’s Director of International Affairs. [...]
Feel free to go read the entire article, if you can stomach it.

Unsurprisingly, the Obama administration invited the Anti-Defamation League to participate in a recent White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism, which focused primarily on "the rising tide of anti-Semitism" and so-called "violent extremism" both domestically and internationally.

Let's be very clear about a couple of important issues related to "anti-Semitism" and "violent extremism" that organized Jewish groups, the mainstream mass media, and American political establishment are endlessly hyping and fretting about.

Making "anti-Semitic" comments or statements, which essentially consists of stating basic facts about organized international Jewry, the Jewish state of Israel, and Jewish criminality and treachery, is one of the greatest taboos in Western society. Questioning the official Jewish narrative of WWII - especially the false "Holocaust" story - or highlighting and discussing Israel's central role in planning, executing, and benefitting from the events of 9/11 is extremely controversial, and even illegal, in all Western countries. "Anti-Semitism" is one of the least fashionable trends not only in America, but all throughout Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The organized Jewish community is constantly hyping the alleged threat of "violent extremists," including the domestic "lone wolf"-style terrorist and the radical Islamic jihadi-style terrorist we see on television all the time. The threat of "violent extremism," domestically and internationally, is almost entirely created, manufactured, and perpetuated by the Jewish mass media and various intelligence and law enforcement agencies who set up and manipulate these so-called "extremists" in the United States and abroad.

Unfortunately, "anti-Semitism" (i.e., general knowledge about Jews, their agenda, their power and influence in the world, and their outrageous criminality and subversive activities) is not becoming fashionable in the United States, or really anywhere else as far as I know. The mass media and political establishment, who regularly consult with the organized Jewish community (especially the ADL), are hyping the alleged threat of "violent extremism" in order to keep the average American in a state of fear and control, and to promote their fraudulent, never-ending "Global War on Terror."

Let's hope more and more people start to understand just how ridiculous this entire situation really is.  

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Realist Report - Friedrich Paul Berg: "Holocaust" revisionism

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Friedrich Paul Berg of Friedrich and I will be discussing the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative, outlining some key reasons for rejecting the "Holocaust" hoax. We will also address the manner in which the official narrative of WWII, especially as it relates to the false "Holocaust" story, is used to oppress and exploit not only the German nation, but the entire Western world. Calls are welcome! You can download the entire program here.

Below are relevant links for this program:
  • How the "Holocaust" was faked - John Friend
  • Iconic "Holocaust" imagery and mass mind control - John Friend
  • Luxembourg wartime bosses 'willingly helped Nazis find Jews' - The Times of Israel
  • Ian Kagedan, former National Director of Government Relations of B'nai Brith Canada, wrote in a 1991 Toronto Star op-ed piece titled "Memory of the Holocaust Central to New World Order":
  • The Holocaust stands as Western Civilization's greatest failure. It was a natural outcome of centuries of racism and of anti-Semitism. To deny the Holocaust is to deny racism's capacity to undercut our civilization's basic values and to destroy democracy. Achieving our quest of a "new world order" depends on our learning the Holocaust's lessons.

Child advocate demands "global Jewish-child abuse commission"

Child abuse, human trafficking, and pedophilia are easily the most disgusting, unforgivable, and outrageous crimes an adult can commit against a child. For decades now, there have been highly credible allegations that powerful members of the global power elite dominating the Western world engage in these despicable crimes in an organized, systematic fashion. These allegations are largely covered up, dismissed, or downplayed by the mainstream mass media (except when they are leveled against the Catholic Church).

Jewish news outlets, however, do often cover child abuse and pedophilia allegations leveled against members of the organized Jewish community. After a major child sex abuse scandal broke in Australia, one which had ties to the international Jewish community across the Western world and the state of Israel, a child advocate who himself was once abused has come out demanding "a global Jewish initiative to address child sexual abuse and its cover-up throughout the Diaspora, including Israel," according to The Times of Israel.

Intimidation, bullying, public persecution, excommunication from the Jewish community and slanderous comments on social media. These are only a few tactics used on the Waks family, in which three of the sons were the victims — not perpetrators — of child sex abuse.

For the past two weeks in Australia, the global Jewish community was rocked by what it heard during public hearings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Melbourne. Dramatic testimony by victims of child sex abuse, their families and those who worked for the Jewish institutions that covered up the abuse led international media headlines.

Since 2011, abuse survivor Manny Waks has spearheaded the efforts to break the unofficial code of silence that bound and gagged his former community, the Chabad-affiliated Yeshivah Centre Melbourne. He founded, and is the former head of Tzedek, an organization that works with abuse survivors and aims to raise awareness of the problem in the Jewish community.

Waks now calls for a global Jewish initiative to address child sexual abuse and its cover-up throughout the Diaspora, including Israel.

“In the context of child sexual abuse, it is not uncommon for perpetrators to move between countries to avoid the consequences of their actions and/or to continue offending with impunity,” Waks said. [...]
For more details of this sordid affair, be sure to read the entire report from The Times of Israel.